SDGs Network

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Building on the principle of “leaving no one behind”, United Nations has formed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a well-known higher education, IPB is determined to support the SDGs through innovation and research. IPB has put SDGs as its global agenda while developing its university’s research agenda in various sectors. IPB has successfully produced Strategic Research Agenda in Food, Energy, Poverty, Ecology and Biomedicine that requires the transdisciplinary approaches.

In order to synergize the stakeholder engagement archives, IPB has accepted the role to manage IPB-SDGs Network coordinated by Dr. Bayu Krisnamurti (Letter Number: 18080/IT3/KP/2018) coordinated with the objectives as followed:

  1. To prepare organizational structure of IPB-SDGs Network in coordination with Institute of Research & Community Services
  2. To develop programs & activities related to SDGs

SDG Network was initiated in 2018 and officially launch on January 22nd 2019

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