“Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. There is an urgent need to fully eradicate a wide range of diseases and address many different persistent and emerging health issues. We are exploring how universities deal with specific conditions and diseases, and support their community.”
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Collaborations and health services

Current collaborations with health institutions

IPB University actively collaborates with various national and international institutions in conducting various research activities in the field of health and biomedical sciences to improve well-being outcomes, such as in the development of health products and biotechnologies, including vaccines, stem cell technologies, nutraceuticals, herbal medicine, and bioassays.

Local Collaboration

At the local level, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, IPB University collaborated with the Bogor municipal government and Ummi Hospital in the establishment of an emergency public Hospital for COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms, which was located within the IPB Campus and open to the local community in Bogor

National Collaboration

IPB University with BPI-BRIN created Oxygen Concentrator technology as a solution to oxygen scarcity in the Covid-19 pandemic

Implementation of the Red and White Vaccine Preclinical Test by PSSP IPB University and BRIN

Herbal drink development with industry

IPB University collaborate with business partner of PT Biomedical Technology Indonesia (PT BMTI) to develope the inventpro® Reverse Transcriptase (RT) enzyme for molecular purposes

International Collaboration

IPB – University of Nottingham

IPB – UTM Malaysia

IPB – Rowan University

IPB – Ministry of Health, Indonesia – Erciyes University

IPB – Universiti Teknologi Petronas – Prince Sultan University (PSU)

Ongoing Research Projects:

  • Development of Chicken-Herb Extract Functional Drinks to Increase Breast Milk Production and Infant Health
  • Formulation, Complementation and Efficacy of Black Oncom Biscuits With Sorghum as a Food Supplement for the Elderly
  • Development of Coconut Water-Based Functional Drink (Cocos nucifera) as Antidiabetic Drink.
  • Making replicas and healing of infarct heart walls in pigs as a therapeutic model for humans
  • Development of Immunoassay-Based Immunoassay-Based COVID-19 Disease Detection Kit
  • The potential of cat’s tail leaf extract (Acalypha hispida) as antidiabetic and antioxidant
  • Utilization of Indonesian Local Phytopharmaceuticals ( Basil, Turmeric, And Sprouts) To Improve Maternal Health During Pregnancy And Produce Superior Children
  • Manufacture of Antimalarial Drugs with Active Ingredients from Sea Bidara Wood Extract (Strychnos ligustrina)
Health outreach programmes

IPB University conducted various outreach programs targeted to improve and promote the health and well-being of local communities through its Student Field Activities (Students Volunteering or KKN) and Lecturers’ Community Empowerment programs. This activity was aimed at promoting the health, hygiene, and nutrition of the community.

List of Student Community Service (KKNT) related to health and well-being are as follows:

  1. Efforts to Improve the Quality of Human Resources through Public Health and Agriculture Education Series at Rt 34/Rw 11 Beruntung Jaya Village, Cempaka, Banjarbaru City, South Kalimantan.

  2. Improving the Quality of the Environment and Public Health of Jatimulya in Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic.

  3. Village Potential Development Efforts Include Health, Tourism, and Superior Products in North Tugu Village, Cisarua District, Bogor Regency.

  4. Stunting Prevention Program and Community Health Improvement in Jatisari Village, Cileungsi District during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

  5. Empowerment of the Neglasari Village Community through Integrated Waste Management, Environmentally Friendly Agriculture, and Counseling to Improve the Quality of Public Health in Realizing the 2030 SDGs.

  6. IPB University Thematic Real Work Lecture Students Hold COVID-19 and Vaccine Education in Sinar Petir Village, Lampung.

  7. IPB University Students Give Education on Waste Management in Sukadamai Village.

  8. IPB University Students Help Implement Vaccinations for Residents of Sukaresmi Village, Bogor.

List of Lecturers’ Community Empowerment programs related to heath are as follows:

  1. Management of a Clean and Healthy Environment at the Thoyyibah Al-Islami Islamic Boarding School

  2. Sanitation and Hygiene Training for Sustainable Food Business in UKM Sago Processing, Tanah Baru Village, Bogor City.

  3. Empowering Women in Family Health Resilience to Face the Covid-19 Pandemic

  4. Healthy food campaign for “Putri Bulan (adolescent girls, pregnant women and the elderly)”.

  5. Strengthening the Role of Women in Waste Bank Management and Utilization of Yards in Creating Green Open Spaces in Situ Gede Village, West Bogor District, Bogor City.

Shared sports facilities

IPB is committed to improving the mental and physical health and well-being of its students, faculty members, and the public in general. IPB provides outdoor and indoor sports facilities including football, basketball, volleyball, futsal, table tennis, tennis courts, field turf, swimming pool, etc. Venues are open for reservation to the public and only limited facilities need to pay an extra fee.

Gelanggang Olahraga / Soccer field (outdoor)

Gelanggang Olahraga (GOR) field is a multifunction football field facility shaped as an oval with an athletic racecourse track on the field’s border. The athletic track has a length of 400 m and a width of 10 m. The field itself has an area of 105 x 70 m2. The students always favor the field for daily or weekend sports activities. Other than that, the gymnasium field is also used for other campus events such as student orientation (MPKMB), Gebyar Nusantara Nights, events of Dies Natalis of IPB University, and others.

Gymnasium Indoor

Indoor Gymnasium is the main building for every student’s sport activity. The facility is located in IPB University Dramaga Campus. Various IPB University-level and faculty-level sports matches are held in the Gymnasium facilities, which include futsal, basketball, and aerobics. Gymnasium also facilitates the student and lecture to conduct sport course for students in the first year..


Agrifitness is an indoor sports fitness facility in Wisma Landhuis (Landhuis Guesthouse), IPB University Dramaga Campus. This facility is intended for guests staying in the guesthouse.

Archery Site Facility

IPB University has an archery sports facility for students and public use. Every Sunday, students share about archery through sharing sessions. During the sharing session, the student tells tips and tricks related to practical archery to other IPB University students or the public.

Basketball Field, Badminton, Tennis, and Futsal Facilities

IPB University has three basketball fields, two badminton fields, three tennis fields, and two futsal fields scattered in several places in IPB University Dramaga Campus and Cilibende Campus.

Equestrian Park IPB University

Equestrian Park IPB is a supporting facility for the activities of the academic community in channeling their interests and talents in equestrian sports. This facility is also open to the public. On weekends, the community around the campus can experience horseback riding on the IPB University equestrian field. This facility can also support the implementation of equestrian competitions between students to increase the development of equestrian sports.

Sexual and reproductive health care services for students

IPB University provides students access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services through free health services for every student that are provided by Policlinic IPB

Polyclinic of IPB holds the role and functions of serving lecturers, educational staff as well as their main family members, and students with free health care services and basic medical treatment, which includes information and services related to sexual and reproductive health care. Polyclinic of IPB has been appointed as a primary/basic health care provider and therefore allows for free-of-charge service for the public under the national social security agency for healthcare. More info:

Polyclinic IPB

Additionally, in order to reduce sexual and reproductive health problems, IPB actively conducts educational seminars regarding this topic, such as the Reproductive Health Webinar Series by Himaiko-IPB that was held 9 times in 2021, aimed to provide education regarding reproductive health for students of IPB University and other universities, as well as the general public. More info:

Pre-marital school for reproductive health learning

Reproductive Health Webinar Series by Himaiko-IPB 

Medical Check-up Agrianita IPB and BSM 

Cervical Cancer Research


Mental health support

IPB University is committed to providing mental health support to IPB students, lecturers, and educational staff. IPB provides a counseling program free of charge to all students, and each Department is equipped with a team of counselors as appointed by the Rector’s Decree No.60/IT3/KM/2021

Rector’s Decree No.60/IT3/KM/2021: Assignment of IPB Counseling Team

The following are examples of programs and events held by the counselors in various departments pertaining to mental health support:

Webinar Mental Health Fateta 2021

Webinar Mental Health Fapet 2021

Webinar with the topic of Knowing the Departmental Counseling Service Unit (UPKD) & Successful Adaptation Strategies During Pandemic

IPB University Experts Talk About the Importance of Mental Health Facing a Pandemic

Faculty of Animal Science IPB University Held a Mental Health Webinar Related to COVID-19 Pandemic

IPB also recognizes the importance of students’ peer support, and therefore various events are hosted to provide students with the ability to empathize with and support other students in need. Students are trained with basic skills such as intellectual competence (logical thinking), and creative agility (problem-solving – resource identification – solution), to provide empathy and supportive response, such as with the following activities:

IPB University Vocational School Inaugurates 25 Students to Become Peer Counselors

Hipma IPB University Holds a Webinar on Mental Health

Mental Health Clinic: Self Healing and Self Love

IAAS LC IPB University Provides Mental Education to Students

Smoke-free policy

Circular Letter Refers to healthy and sustainable lifestyle in article 5 (page 4) specifies smoking prohibition in the campus area. Article 5, point c, clearly states that: Students and staff are prohibited from smoking or trading cigarettes on the campus.

In 2020, IPB University issued the Rector’s Decree No. 133/IT3/LK/2020 concerning its Commitment to Achieving SDGs. In the document (point O, page 2), it was mentioned that smoking is prohibited in the campus area (page 2, point O).

Rector’s Decree No.133/IT3/LK/2020: Commitment to Achieving SDGs

Physical Health-Care Services

IPB University provides access to physical health-care services including information and education services as follow:

  1. Polyclinic for staff and students (visit here)
  2. Free Medical Check Up (visit here)



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